Trinity Practices Closed Communion

We welcome all of you to our celebration of Holy Communion this morning. Unfortunately, because of the sad divisions that exist in Christianity today, we cannot invite all of you to the Lord's Table. Trinity practices closed communion, which means we commune active members of Trinity and those guests who have been invited to commune prior to the service. If you are a guest and have not spoken to our pastor today, please do not come forward to receive Communion.

As intended by Christ and as practiced by the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church throughout history, "closed communion" is observed here. This means the Lord's Supper is distributed normally only to those who:

GUESTS: If you are able to affirm these statements and are currently communing at a confessional Lutheran altar, you must still speak to our Pastor before receiving the Sacrament. This can be accomplished by email, phone, or in person AT LEAST 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE SERVICE. Requests made later than that cannot be considered except in a dire emergency.

DURING THE VACANCY, you can email the church secretary (, who will forward your email to the communion registrar, or you can speak to the registrar in the Narthex before the service.

To our guests unable to affirm these statements: we express our sincere interest and friendship, and assure you that it is for the spiritual welfare of all that Trinity practices closed communion. We continue to pray for the day in which all divisions over doctrine and practice within Christ's Church are resolved.