Resuming Services—with Caveats

As of May 24th, we are able to open our services to our members and their family members at 10:30. Sunday School and Bible Class will also be resuming at 9:15 on May 24th.

Our normal attendance is under 50% of our maximum occupancy. We will still have every other pew vacant and have family members sitting together. Please follow the ushers’ directions.

Since we don’t know how many of our own members are willing to venture out, we may have room for guests. But it would be the equivalent of "flying standby," which means you might not be able to get it.

We are still audio-streaming our 10:30 Sunday service as well as having a recording of it here on our website. Home visits are also available and can be arranged by calling or emailing Pastor.

At all services, we pray Luther's version of the Great Litany that has for 1,500 years been prayed by the church in times of famine, war, or pestilence. It can be found on page 661 of The Lutheran Hymnal.

Resources for the service on Sunday, February 21, at 10:30am

The Ash Wednesday service on February 17, at 7:30pm, is canceled due to power outages and bad weather

We still plan on having regular services on Sunday, February 21. And we plan to have imposition of ashes at next Wednesday's Lenten Vespers service on February 24.

Trinity Practices Closed Communion

We welcome all of you to our celebration of Holy Communion this morning. Because of the sad divisions that exist in Christianity today, we cannot invite all of you to the Lord's Table. Trinity practices closed communion, which means we commune active members of Trinity and those guests who have been invited to commune prior to the service. If you are a guest and have not spoken to our pastor today, please do not come forward to receive Communion.

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